Kenwood Food Processor

...Like None Other

Kenwood Food Processor

The Kenwood Manufacturing Company has been producing high quality kitchen products since the 1940’s. The Company was started by Mr. Ken Woods and is currently owned by DeLonghi of Italy. The manufacture of all Kenwood products has since been moved from Havant, England to China. Their philosophy was to make products that, at the time, were considered luxury items, that would eventually be seen as necessities. Some such items were the toaster and food mixer and the Kenwood food processor called the Kenwood Electric Chef.

Kenwood food processors are know for their very high quality. Their construction is said to be the most durable of any other product in the market. All models score very well for mixing cakes, whisking eggs and slicing vegetables. The simplicity involved in cleaning a Kenwood food processor makes them very desirable to anyone who does not enjoy the cleaning aspect of cooking and baking. Some models have are known for being a little on the loud side, but I feel that this is expected considering what you are doing.

Their is a Kenwood food processor for every budget and all styles of cooking and baking. The Kenwood food processors have all the quality features that you would expect from them, plus more. Some features found on the mid range models are:
Powerful 2speed and multi speed motors.
If you are on a budget or your needs are not that great, then the FP120 may be the choice for you. This also could work well for the first time user as well. This model has many of the features found on more expensive brands. The FP120 is small, has a small counter foot print and has a small motor with only one speed. It is geared towards those that have a small budget and a small counter to work on. The bowl is large enough to prepare small quantities of food. Don’t expect to bake a cake to feed the neighborhood with this food processor. Attachments included are a steel chopping blade, shredder and a whisk and all are safe to put in the dishwasher.

The FP250 is the model that most will want to have and ever need. It will satisfy most budgets and needs in the kitchen. This is the mid range food processor. It has a generous capacity, and is not as imposing as the larger models. Some of the features and attachments of this model are: blender, liquidiser, basic juicer, fine and course shredder and a two speed motor with pulse function. Assuming that most will not store this model on the counter top, there is an integral cord storage system. This video below, demonstartes some of the finer qualities of the Kenwood FP250.


When you have all the counter space in the world and money is not a consideration, you will surely consider the FP980. The food processor has it all without a doubt. This model is meant to be stored where you use it on the counter due to it’s size and weight. It has a very powerful 1200 watt motor with variable speeds and an auto selection which will kitchen prep easier and quicker. This system includes a four liter bowl for large projects, a Midi bowl for slicing and shredding and the Mini bowl for preparing small amounts. The feed tube is large enough to accommodate a whole bell pepper, and also features a  pusher with an interlock mechanism for added safety. Some of the attachments that are included are: shred and slice disks, a dough tool, a twin geared whisk, a fine julienne disk, juicer attachments, spatula and a recipe book. The built in scale makes weighing ingredients very simple.

The line up of Kenwood food processors has everything that any kitchen chef will need. From the most budget conscious model all the way to the top of the line, all have the  attachments and features that you will ever need. This and all surrounded in a very attractive brushed aluminum case.

This video demonstartes some of the amazing features and abilities of the Kenwood food processor FP980.